can’t thank you enough

I can’t thank you enough for listening to our concerns and taking action on them. Your back up support is priceless.

Gail Evans
Shelby Shopper & Info
Shelby, NC

increased sales and more efficiency

Our company has been using Max Pro software since September, 2011. Since incorporating Max we have experienced increased sales and more efficiency in our composing process. The system has been greatly embraced by our sales reps and our production department has had a load of responsibility removed from them. I highly recommend any publisher to explore the possibilities that Max Pro has to offer!

Greg Ledford
Community First Media
Shelby, NC

game changer

When we signed up to use MaxPro we were drowning in an ever-increasing amount of data that was becoming more and more difficult to manage. For me administratively MaxPro has been a game changer. MaxPro is providing us with a framework that allows us to grow into it rather than being in the position of growing and then trying to figure out how to support that growth.

Tres Maley
PAL Media Services
Dothan, AL

a lifesaver for me this week

MaxPro was a lifesaver for me this week. One of my designers is out for a while so I got into the production mode and did several ads myself. It’s the first time I have really worked with that part myself. It is awesome! I had our salespeople do a few things different and the designers do a few things different and it went smoother and faster than we have ever been able to do.. Even with a key person out.

Kathy Crumpton
Piedmont Shopper
Danville, VA

a big part of our business

MAX has become a big part of our business.  It is easy to use and a customizable database that manages contacts, track sales and production.  It increases productivity and therefore, profits. The support from Chris Sedlak has been exceptional with timely answers to any of our questions.

Patricia Tracy
Osprey Observer Newspapers
Brandon, FL

give the customer good and accurate service

Thank you for making my job easier, I am now able to give the customer good and accurate service, schedule ads in advance. Once the information is entered into MaxPro you are done with that account. The only person that you need to worry about is yourself.

Now about customer service at MaxPro: Wow! how great to get an answer to a question with only one phone call. To be able to call and get a problem solved in record time is something not heard of very often. It very refreshing when you took over my computer remotely and found my problem.

You have a great product in MaxPro – and you are really a “PRO”

Donna Becker
The Beacon
Port Clinton, OH

one of the most elegant

“MaxPro Publishing is one of the most elegant, easy to use systems for publishers I have ever seen. Anyone can modernize their publication through the use of this software. It gives publishers the tools they need to compete in todays economy.”

Douglas Fry
SAPA – Southeastern Advertising Publishers Association
Columbia, TN