Business CRM

A feature-rich CRM system for managing everything from scheduling, client management through to the final invoice.


Set your daily reminders, add quick links to frequently used pages and see your business at a glance. An invaluable tool to manage and motivate you and your team.


While MaxPro is not designed to replace your primary accounting program, it can certainly help simplify the process. MaxPro can manage all of the Accounts Receivable process from invoicing / statements through to posting payments and printing a deposit report.

Marketing Groups

An amazing tool to help promote events, market your business or update a group about an upcoming event. Bulk email a specific group with an image using your mail program. Quick, easy, effective!


An easy to learn, comfortable to look at software program that has all the features you need. It’s built to be the perfect assistant. It works smarter, not harder, so you can be more productive with your time.