MaxPro, developed by Little Fish Big Ocean Inc., was created to bring your entire staff together and allow them to communicate quickly and effortlessly. By doing so, you are also streamlining your operation, reducing redundancy and errors.

Combining a CRM with a full suite of office software, you get the benefits of all your information in one spot, served to wherever you work.

A great deal of time has been invested in MaxPro’s design and usability. It’s because of this extra effort that learning is simple. And integration can be done at your own pace. You have access to everything, but you can go as slow as you need until you feel comfortable to learn more.

It’s not just MaxPro’s usability that makes it great, it’s priced to be affordable. Pricing is based on the concurrent user, so you only pay for what you need. All of this and it still costs less than a single employee, yet helps everyone.

MaxPro was a lifesaver for me this week.

One of my designers is out for a while so I got into the production mode and did several ads myself. It’s the first time I have really worked with that part myself. It is awesome! It went smoother and faster than we have ever been able to do. Even with a key person out.

Kathy Crumpton
, Publisher Piedmont Shopper, Danville, VA

From daily email reminders to streamlined communication between departments, MaxPro is designed for the small- to medium-sized publisher. With this much data organized and at your employee’s fingertips, providing better customer service is easy. A single call can answer nearly every need … and customer service is key these days.

Since 2008, Little Fish Big Ocean Inc. has focused on helping small businesses. Having worked for a community publisher for nearly 10 years, owner Chris Sedlak brings fresh new ideas along with a clear understanding of what publishers need.

Committed to providing top-notch customer service, Little Fish Big Ocean Inc. stands behind it’s software by responding quickly to support calls or emails.







  • PC or MAC or iPad