Sales CRM

A feature-rich CRM system for managing not only your prospecting and marketing efforts, but also all of your advertiser’s entire sales history.


The Production department faces a unique set of challenges each issue. New ads arrive daily for not only the upcoming issue, but future issues too. Large ad files clog their inbox and notes about how to design each ad are scattered around their desk and minds. And many designers work from their home these days, which only compounds the chaos.

It’s these “organizational opportunities” that have led the design of MaxPro’s Production flow.


While MaxPro is not designed to replace your primary accounting program, it can certainly help simplify the process. MaxPro can manage all of the Accounts Receivable process from invoicing / statements through to posting payments and printing a deposit report. It’s with this information that commission is calculated (when opting for commission to be calculated from payments received.)


Accountability is the name of the game. Employees need to realize that they are accountable for their work. Management can review notes created and monitor sales history for each salesperson.

Human Resources

Salespeople manage their advertisers, someone’s got to manage the salespeople and everyone else in the office. The Human Resources section focuses on employee records, user access and historical employee information.