While MaxPro is not designed to replace your primary accounting program, it can certainly help with the heavy lifting. MaxPro can manage all of the Accounts Receivable process from invoicing and statements through to posting payments and creating deposit reports. If you are paying commission when payments are received, this is also calculated each time a payment is posted.


Create invoices with one click of a button for the entire issue. The Sales staff does all of the scheduling which means there is never a need to re-enter anything. Whether you prefer to invoice each ad individually or group them all by month, there’s plenty of room for adjusting how the process works within you Settings area.

Posting Payments

As payments are received, you may apply them to the appropriate invoices with a couple clicks. Simply locate the invoice and click on the payment button. If the payment is to be applied to a series of invoices, you can choose to auto-apply the payment, which will start with oldest invoice and work it’s way forward.

Generate Statements

If you prefer to send monthly statements, Max has you covered. On the first of each month, new statements are automatically created for any advertiser with an open balance. You are also able to create custom statements for your advertisers by narrowing your list and selecting the line items to include.

Finance Charges

At the end of each calendar month, MaxPro will automatically apply finance charges or late fees if you wish to.

Credit Score

To help you keep track of pending problems, we’ve added a simple 4 point credit scoring system into MaxPro. Based on the outstanding balance, number of unpaid invoices, payment timeliness and overall age, Max assigns a score to each advertiser and alerts you with a “credit flag” if there is a problem. It does not remove future scheduling, but it will highlight the advertiser’s name letting you know that there may be an issue.


Ah yes, reports. We’ve built in a powerful list filtering system that can narrow down your information to your specific need. Whether it’s aging, unpaid invoices or tax liabilities, MaxPro can pull the information for you.

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