With the focus on your labor force, the Human Resources section includes contact information, user access and historical employee information. This is also where you would establish allotted benefits such as vacation time.

Employee Records

Record contact information and control MaxPro access privileges from within each record. We’ve also added the controls so you can adjust commission rates and time-off availability.


MaxPro is setup for two primary commission options; commission as payments are received and commission by the ad date. Either option you choose allows you to assign a commission rate to each of the different rate types. So you could set the rate at 15% on display ads, but only 5% for classifieds.


With the time clock enabled, you can review each timecard from any date range or employee. The time clock system automatically clocks the user in upon first login each day. Throughout the day, “sign-outs” are used for personal appointments or making a deposit in which you would select that it’s a paid sign-out.

Production Labor

Each ad that cycles through the Production department can have it’s actual labor recorded. You are then able to pull a report by date range or employee as to how much labor was actually recorded.

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