We hear this often, that employees know they are accountable for their work, but they don’t like that “big brother” feeling. So we try and display only what they need to see on the screen. And by eliminating these extra elements, not only does it deter curiosity, but it also helps make for a more relaxing work screen. Less clutter, better workflow.


Imagine being able to see how your December publication is shaping up … in July! As sales are made and scheduled, that information is automatically building your issue. So at any time, you can select an issue and see what the sales are. There’s even a graph comparing this year to last year in order to visually show you how things are going.

While in the issue section, view or print the list of ads and their placement detail. Use these issue manifests to build your issue and ensure that nobody was left out. Print mailing labels for those that need tear sheets, or post the electronic tear sheets and have a short link placed directly into the invoice or statements.

Sales History

Within each issue is a break down of the sales made by each salesperson. Whether you want to see total sales, new sales or the average ad sale per person, it’s all there for you to review.

We’ve also provided reports to display sales by each salesperson within a specific date range or publication.

System Preferences

We give you access to a wide variety of controls within MaxPro. There is no need to contact us for every little change. You are able to make changes to things such as your ad rates, industries, the credit scoring variables and sales territory management. This is a limited access area of course, so you can also assign who can enter it.

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