The Production department faces a unique set of challenges each issue. New ads arrive daily for not only the upcoming issue, but future issues too. Large ad files clog their inbox and notes about how to design each ad are scattered around their desk and minds. And many designers work from their home these days, which only compounds the chaos.

It’s these “organizational opportunities” that have led the design of MaxPro’s Production flow.

MaxPro was a lifesaver for me

MaxPro was a lifesaver for me this week. One of my designers is out for a while so I got into the production mode and did several ads myself. It’s the first time I have really worked with that part myself. It is awesome! I had our salespeople do a few things different and the designers do a few things different and it went smoother and faster than we have ever been able to do. Even with a key person out.

Kathy Crumpton
Piedmont Shopper
Danville, VA


Ongoing ad notes can be created by anyone and permanently saved with the ad. These notes become the ongoing communication between Production and Sales. As additional requests from the advertiser are submitted, they are simply pasted in and the process continues. A status bar let’s everyone know where each ad is at in this process.

Ad Material Upload

Sales is able to upload ad materials specific to each ad. Or if there is something that was used previously, view all of the materials for that advertiser and download any other file.

Ad Archiving

MaxPro makes it easy to follow an ad’s status through the design process. And since the ad is already uploaded to the server, sending an ad proof is a matter of a few clicks. Max will grab the appropriate contact email address, place in your pre-defined proofing text as well as a link to their ad for viewing. They simply reply to that email with changes.

Once an ad is approved and the final press-ready file is loaded into MaxPro, all of the issue’s ads can be downloaded to a folder when it’s time to layout the publication.

These ads stay on the server and are available to be downloaded again at anytime should the advertiser wish to pick-up a previous ad.

Labor Tracking

Once a designer starts working on an ad, there is a built-in timer that they can use to record their total work-time on each ad. Labor reports can then be pulled for billing or later review.

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