MaxPro got it’s beginning in the sales office. We took a simple daily call sheet that was hand-written each day and turned it into a shared database where salespeople could track their daily activity. Once that was in place it was just a matter of time before scheduling and billing followed. Since then, we’ve added some very powerful tools to help the sales team be more productive … and more organized.

We have experienced increased sales

Our company has been using Max Pro software since September, 2011. Since incorporating Max we have experienced increased sales and more efficiency in our composing process. The system has been greatly embraced by our sales reps and our production department has had a load of responsibility removed from them. I highly recommend any publisher to explore the possibilities that Max Pro has to offer!

Greg Ledford
Community First Media, Shelby, NC

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

At the heart of MaxPro is a CRM ( Customer Relationship Management ) system for efficient handling of both prospects and advertisers. There is no need to re-enter information once the sale has been made. As a prospect is converted to an advertiser, all of their information and notes stay with them. And this information is available to view by anyone else in your company. Sharing information in this way deters salespeople from contacting someone that has already been reached out to.

Each company entered can record multiple contact people and each contact can be assigned a specific role (i.e. Sales, Invoices). So when you are sending out an invoice, the correct information automatically appears on the form.


Create a note, set your reminder and move on. It’s that simple. All of your reminders will show up on your Home page where you can then take the next step. There are also a fun feature that allows you to auto-fill notes with a message that you use on a regular basis, saving you from re-typing it each time.

You are also able to select to have your reminders emailed to you each morning. Enter your email address and each weekday morning, Max will gather up your reminders with company and contact information and deliver it to your inbox.

Automatic Sales Territories

Eliminate zip code based territories! Let MaxPro keep track of each salesperson’s activity and assign it automatically.

Prevent a salesperson from sitting on an account without doing anything. As long as notes are being created or sales are being made, the salesperson keeps their name on it. Otherwise, MaxPro re-assigns the account to “Open” for someone else to work on it.

Marketing Groups / Campaigns

Want to send a bulk email to your advertiser list? Not a problem! Any found list of advertisers or prospects can be emailed, printed, exported or made as mailing labels. And with the new Marketing Groups, you can assign your contacts to different groups with a Hot, Warm or Cold status. This is perfect for promotions, marketing campaigns, sales opportunities or simply scheduling out a weekly contact routine.

Ad Scheduling

When you’re ready to begin scheduling, create the insertion order or contract, you’ll fill out an ad schedule form that pulls directly from your rate card to get you an accurate price. Add any of your extras such as guaranteed placement or added color and you’re set to run. Link to a production ad and duplicate as you need. It’s that simple. From pick-ups to new ads, we’ve streamlined the process so that it’s simple and intuitive.

Set it and forget it!

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